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Continuous service 7/7 from 11 a.m. to midnight
Superbly nestled on Place du Pin, Foam, literal translation of "mousse" in English offers you a fun "beer" experience & an all day long menu

Continuous service 7/7 from 11 a.m. to midnight

Continuous service 7/7 from 11am to midnight

Foam ! Beer Bar in Nice

Superbly nestled on the Place du Pin , Foam, a beer bar in Nice, offers you a fun 'beer' experience & and an all day long card.

No less than 12 beer pumps draft and more than 35 beers (bottled) from local breweries , national and international will delight lovers of discovery.

As for the menu, healthy food and dirty dishes come together to delight young and old gourmets.

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Gourmet breaks On the menu

The unmistakable cheese plate shares the headline with healthy salads , organic and super colorful, vegan bowl , mega gourmet waffles , the very English “ BRUNCH ”, “ tostadas ” (savory toast but better!), a variation of pork or even the very sexy tin of sardines … You will have understood: the menu adapts readily: vegan , omni , great gourmands , gluten free , vegetarians or lactose free WELCOME TO FOAM!

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Beer pong, tastings, open stages Our beer bar in Nice

Have you always wanted to make a Beer Pong like in the movies made in USA? Have you guided through a tasting and talk about foam like a pro? …

And then let's be honest, who has never dreamed of doing yoga while having a beer? FOAM will make all your hidden dreams come true! Open stage to show us your talents as a singer or a comedian, table football competition , flash tattoo session … go here (facebook link foam) to be informed of all the great and crazy ideas of Team FOAM.

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